IME Process and Best Practices

  • The ability to accept referrals via our Online Referral Form, Phone, Fax, or Email.
  • Within 24 hours of receipt, the referral is entered into our system and ready for doctor selection.
  • Within 48-72 hours of receipt, the referral is scheduled.
  • Drawing on our proven expertise, we ensure the right physician is assigned to each case based on specialty, case parameters, and time constraints. If the IME physician can’t meet the requested appointment window, we’ll promptly notify the client and explore alternative options. We also expand our physician network when clients need specialists beyond our Medical Panel.
  • Within 24 hours of scheduling, appointment letters will be created. These letters are sent to the client, claimant, defense attorney, plaintiff attorney (if applicable) and all other parties as requested by the client.
  • All reports are reviewed by our experienced Quality Assurance team to ensure all questions are addressed. Final reports are returned to the client in under 10 business days.