Comprehensive Diagnostic Center has provided Independent Medical Evaluations and Review services for our clients over the past four decades.

  • Offering both claims and legal professionals’ peace of mind since 1987.
  • CDC has helped injured workers return to their jobs while mitigating healthcare costs for our clients.
  • Nationwide Coverage for all facets of the IME Process.
  • Peer and record reviews, FCEs, fitness for duty, physical capabilities, permanency ratings, IREs, FMLA, 2nd opinion, and more.


CDC’s Quality Assurance

All scheduled Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) undergo stringent monitoring for both timeliness and quality.

  • CDC’s dedicated scheduling coordinators carefully review each IME before release.
  • We guarantee timely delivery from the initial request to the delivery of the final report.
  • When requested, CDC can provide Expedited Requests utilizing quick forms on the day of the exam. Followed by the report within 7-10 working days.
  • Cyber Security is empowered by W5 Claims Management Software and Honist Solutions.

Cyber Security Commitment

W5 Claims Management System commitment to your data security and protection is comprehensive and continuous, by focusing on both technological and procedural safeguards to protect your data from threats and vulnerabilities. Their processes include Data Encryption, Access Control, Regular Audits and Monitoring, Data Backups, Compliance and Regulation.