Independent Medical Exam

The team at Comprehensive Diagnostic Center streamlines and oversees every step of the IME process including scheduling, medical record processing, and report distribution. This allows for a faster and more efficient resolution of claims. We are experts at finding the correct board-certified physician in order to evaluate the cause, extent, and medical treatment of a work-related or other injury where liability is at issue; Our team of physicians will also provide an opinion as to whether an individual has reached maximum medical improvement from treatment; and the potential for return to work at full duty or modified duty.

IME Process and Best Practices
  • CDC accepts referrals via our Online Referral Form, Phone, Fax, or Email.
  • The referral is immediately entered into our system and ready for doctor selection and scheduling
  • Drawing on our proven expertise, we ensure the right physician is assigned to each case based on specialty, case parameters, and time constraints. If the IME physician can’t meet the requested appointment window, we’ll promptly notify the client and explore alternative options.
  • Within 24 hours of scheduling, appointment letters are created. These letters are sent to the client, claimant, defense attorney, plaintiff attorney (if applicable) and all other parties as requested by the client.
  • All reports are reviewed by our experienced Quality Assurance
    team to ensure that all questionaire addressed.
  • Final reports are returned to the client in under 10 business days.

Case Management

Case managers are available when requested in order to facilitate communication between employers, healthcare professionals, and insurance companies.

Expert Opinion

CDC utilizes board-certified physicians who are experts in their field of specialty. Our team selects experts based on the specifics of the case, taking into consideration the geographic location of the claimant. Physicians can provide expert opinions, consultation, review of records and trial testimony regarding Worker’s Compensation Injuries or Medical Professional Liability.

Audio/Visual Deposition

Depositions are extremely important in a worker’s compensation cases. The CDC team coordinates and oversees scheduling between the lawyer and provider in order to comply with case and court calendars.

Permanency Evaluation

When an injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement, our team, at Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, has access to a network of providers that can issue a permanency rating or permanent partial impairment (PPI) rating specific to the part or parts of the body that were injured.


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law designed to help workers balance job and family responsibilities by giving employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for specific reasons, including a serious health condition or to care for an immediate family member who has a serious health condition.

Medical File or Record Review/Narrative Report

A record review report is a narrative report prepared by an expert physician after reviewing an employee’s medical records and/or other factual records such as employment records. Unlike an IME, the physician does not conduct a physical examination of the employee before rendering their opinions and drafting the report. At Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, our team will utilize our network of experts to schedule and facilitate the review. These reviews focus on causation, appropriateness of medical treatment and ability to return to work. These reports also review preexisting conditions that could have affected the condition or injury.

Transportation & Translation Services

Our team at CDC understands that many injured workers do not speak English and or do not drive. When requested CDC will schedule the pick-up of the employee and transportation to and from the IME location. When necessary, CDC will provide an interpreter to be present throughout the IME process. This is a critical service that helps ensure that the employer does not pay for a “NO Show Appointment.

Medical Expert Witness

At Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, our network of expert witnesses practice in all specialty fields of medicine. When requested, CDC will find and suggest an expert of the correct specialty and geographic location.

Second Opinion

When requested the team, at Comprehensive Diagnostic Center can find an appropriate treating specialist to provide a second opinion with regard to a patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, or disability assessment.

Job Analysis

At Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, our expert providers will assist the employer in determining appropriate job accommodation for the injured worker taking into account the details of the workplace environment. The Job Analysis can allow the injured worker to maintain employment, productivity, and morale while assisting the employer by controlling claim costs.

Fit for Duty

This is an evaluation that analyzes the employee’s job requirements, the employee’s physical capabilities. At Comprehensive Diagnostic Center, our team will find and coordinated with the expert provider performing the evaluation to expedite the report process.

Medical Bill Review & Cost Projections

Medical Bill Review involves analyzing medical charges to determine if the medical costs are usual, customary, and reasonable based on accepted coding methodologies and comprehensive medical charges databases based on the geographic location of the services provided. Are you uncertain if medical bills are overinflated? Trying to sort through and understand medical bills can be a daunting task.

A Medical Cost Projection is a report that provides future medical costs based upon the client’s current pattern of care and in collaboration with other experts. Often, recommendations are provided by other experts including but not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, and/or vocational experts. Medical Cost Projections often assist in the settlement of cases.

Consulting Bill Review Services include:
  • Help to identify if charges are related to or unrelated to the case.
  • Usual, customary and reasonable review.
  • Check for duplicate bills or overcharges.
  • Analyze if accepted coding methodologies have been utilized.
Medical Cost Projection Methodology 

The process to develop a medical cost projection includes a detailed analysis of the medical records and or expert(s)’ reports. Next the experts’ recommendations are incorporated into the cost projection. Costs are obtained using accepted coding and costing methodologies to determine the usual, customary, and reasonable charges for a geographical area in which the client is expected to receive services.