Life Care Plans


Injured individuals and often their attorneys utilize Life Care Plans and Cost Projections to outline the future medical care related to an injury and/or illness with associated costs. The Life Care Plan begins with a detailed review of the medical records provided. A medical chronology of the client’s care is then produced to identify patterns of care and a thorough understanding of the injury/illness with potential sequela of injury considered. Next an in-depth interview is conducted to appreciate the functional impact upon the claimant.

Life Care Plan Analyses/Rebuttals

Often a life care planner retained by the defense will not have access to the plaintiff, which prevents a Life Care Plan from being developed. An alternative option to determine if reasonable recommendations and costs were included by the plaintiff’s life care planner is to perform and analysis of the life care plan or medical cost projection.


During an analysis of a Life Care Plan or medical cost projection each recommendation with the associated frequency and cost is reviewed. Considerations are provided as to the current pattern of care, evidence based guidelines, healthcare providers’ recommendations and knowledge and experience.


During the analysis of the plaintiff’s life care plan or medical cost projection, each recommendation with the associated frequency is reviewed. The review considers the plaintiff’s current pattern of care, evidence-based guidelines, information within the plaintiff’s Life care plan, and healthcare providers’ recommendations. Then a determination can be formulated as to the reasonableness of recommendations, frequency and cost.